Accident Compensation Claims

At we can make personal injury accident claims easier than ever for you. We have a team of professional personal injury solicitors who will help you to get the compensation you deserve, and a specially trained team of advisers to keep you informed as to the progress of the case at all times.

Our package includes a £1000 cash advance on your injury claim, intended to help you get through what can be a very difficult time in the aftermath of an accident. We know how difficult it can be, so we understand that this sum can help keep your head above water.

To get your accident claims process underway you can either call us on Freephone 0800 031 6098 or use our Free Call Back service.

All about our Compensation Claims Service

Anyone who has suffered injury in an accident that was not their own fault has a basic legal right to claim compensation for their injuries. Whether you have been injured in a road accident, in the home, on holiday or at work, if someone else was at fault then you can claim, and we have helped many thousands of people make successful claims every year.

We know that it can seem daunting to make a claim, and that’s why we have a team of experts on hand to follow your claim through to the finish, and to keep you advised at all times. It may be that you have been injured, or a friend or family member, but either way the right to make a claim remains the same.

We have the expertise to handle whiplash claims, accident claims, brain injuries, medical injury claims and work based accidents, and in fact any form of personal injury claim is no problem for us. We know that accidents can easily cause disruption to careers, make home life difficult and affect families and loved ones, and the mental anguish that comes with suffering injury can be hard to deal with, and that’s why we are here to help.

How Much Compensation Might I Get?

Our online compensation calculator is free and easy to use, and can help you get a good idea of the amount of compensation your accident claims may yield, but a better idea can be gained by calling one of our personal injury claims advisers and talking through the details of the case. There are many different factors that can influence your claim, and at we treat each case individually.  To give your compensation claims the best chance of success, simply give us a call now on 0800 031 6098 and speak with one of our friendly claim experts.

How Best to Make Accident Claims

It is important to remember that you can only make accident claims if the injury was caused thanks to the negligence of another party. You cannot make a claim if the accident was your own fault. In all cases it is vital that you do the following:

1. First and foremost – Visit the Doctor if you’re having health problems

2. Collect any paperwork you have about your injury

3. Make a note of the location of the injury

4. Ready any medical history and witness statements backing up your case

5. Start your claim

Call us at and we will help you with your claim. Our claims package is called Claims 1000 because we offer you not only £1000 as a cash advice, but we ALSO supply a like for like car in the event of road accidents, PLUS we offer you a no win no fee deal, AND we use expert local compensation claims solicitors to provide the perfect claims package.

Our Free Accident Claims Advice

We are more than happy to give you free advice, with no obligation about making a claim, and it is easy as filling in the simple online form. You could choose to call us, and one of our expert advisers will be on hand to talk through the details of your case. We always try and put our clients in touch with a local solicitor, but in all cases we make sure the solicitor allocated to you is the right one for the job.

No Win No Fee Deals, Seven Days a Week

As we know that it is not always convenient to expect everyone to call us in office hours our advisers and solicitors are available seven days a week. If you contact us by online form we will call you back, wherever possible, within 15 minutes, even on a weekend. For car accident claims, whiplash claims, medical negligence or any type of personal injury claim we can help make life easier for you, so don’t delay, call us on 0800 031 6098 today.